Our Story

hygge2We created Leaf & Ardor with the mission to inspire the joy of face-to-face connection over a pot of all natural tea, whether a healing herbal blend or a great Earl Grey, Sencha, or Puerh. We’ve discovered the ways in which sharing tea adds meaning and openness to shared experiences and among cultures with varying traditions and customs. Sharing tea together inspires creativity and it sparks communication, making it a valuable enhancement to any gathering.

We source organic, all-natural ingredients of the highest quality, continually exploring new blends, culinary innovations, and ways to spread the warmth and passion of “tea time” with others.

Launched in 2013, Leaf & Ardor blends the traditional tea ritual with modern design and updated culinary experiences such as tea-infused cocktails, savory dishes and desserts. We offer handmade serveware and one-of-a kind gifts which complement the beauty and healing properties of tea. Along with our online store, select Leaf & Ardor products are available at specialty food, gift, and lifestyle shops throughout Fairfield County and nationally.