Ruby Rose Hips Herbal Blend
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Ruby Rose Hips


This organic rose hips, hibiscus flowers, and lemongrass blend is naturally sweet, smooth and satisfying. All caffeine-free ingredients in perfect harmony make up this flavorsome, naturally ruby-red steeped tea. Delicious whether served hot or iced, it is also a nice addition to any beverage or dessert recipe.

This caffeine-free herbal blend is also a hit when served at a children’s tea party! It is available in large teabags too – see the Cold Brew Ruby Rose Hips under Tea; Cold Brew.

For anyone wishing to increase vitamin C intake, this tea is ideal. Naturally healthy and healing – this blend simultaneously lifts the spirits and satisfies the palate.

Ingredients: organic rose hips, organic hibiscus, and organic lemongrass. 

Brewing Guide: heat filtered water to approximately 208°. Add 1 tablespoon of tea to 8 oz. water. Steep for 6+ minutes (to taste).

2 oz. pouch brews 10+ cups; 3 oz. pouch brews 15+ cups.


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